Making Disciples in Bible School

This week Prabhu with Hope Builders Ministries India had the honor of speaking at a Bible College in Hyderabad. Many pastors and students gather together at least one time every year. It is an open school for any denomination to attend. By God’s Grace Prabhu was invited to share the Disciple Makers Program and teach these pastors and leaders “How to make disciples of Christ in your church.”  Many were so impressed with this strategy they approached Prabhu to come and conduct seminars in their churches to help them properly train their congregations.  He was able to introduce many to the 3 year online Bible School used to train pastors right at home with NO expensive tuition and travel. Many souls will be harvested as churches begin to “make disciples” and not just attend church.

Pray for and Support Indigenous Missions in India

Making Disciples

When Prabhu and Swarna are not on the road conducting Disciple Making Seminars they are visiting their families and friends to encourage them in the Faith. They continually teach them how to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to make disciples where they live. This strengthens them in God’s mission, the Great Commission.

Many times they will prepare a meal and have many over to their own apartment and pray together. Many times they pray all night. They will share testimonies with one another about how God is working to save those who hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • New Churches are being started with NEW believers
  • Pastors are starting NEW Disciple Maker Programs in their churches
  • Christians are showing new interest in reading their Bibles
  • New “1 on 3” Hub groups are being started
  • Many Christians are joining in the online Bible Training course

We thank God for the dedicated indigenous missionaries we are able to support with your prayers and financial support! We are all a part of the Harvest of Souls!

Going And Getting

My Ministry and calling is to HELP Indigenous Missions/Ministries in India and Africa. This is fulfilled in two ways. One way is by Going and the other is by Getting.

Yep. Going and Getting is how I fulfill my ministry. 2 Timothy 4:5

My GOING is accomplished by periodic visits to the countries and ministries I am partnered with. In India I am partnered with HIMIndia and Stephen Prasad. Together we started this ministry as an outgrowth of Stephen’s Gospel to the Perishing Souls. I began mentoring Stephen online in 2008 and by God’s grace and will I was able to meet him face to face in February 2013. This is when we “kicked off” the ministry of Helping Indigenous Ministries in India *(HIMIndia). Stephen organizes pastors into study groups and provides them with pastoral training material and biblical strategies to make disciples of Indians to Jesus Christ. I visit the different areas and teach seminars. In 2013 I taught on the Holy Spirit’s ministry in and through the church today. In 2014 Christ was the theme from His birth to His High Priestly ministry in heaven for us today.

I am also partnered with Hope Builders Ministry Zambia. In Zambia I am privileged to know and work with some of the finest Christian Leaders I have ever met. Serving on the board of Directors with 7 Zambian pastors we lead this indigenous ministry by the grace and power of God. My function here is the same as in India. I first met many of these brothers in 2005 when I first visited Zambia on a mission trip. In late 2007 I knew I would be serving them full time and that begun in January 2008.

When “Going” I also am accessing the work on the ground. I serve as an accountability partner to both the ministries in Zambia and India. We desire complete integrity in the use of the gifts God gives us through our faithful donors.

The GETTING is the difficult part of this ministry. The Lord has called me to call His church in America to support these ministries in India and Zambia.  Getting is much more difficult than Going. The challenge is convincing Christians that Indigenous pastors need support so that they can be trained and effectively DO the work of the ministry they are called to do. Of course their calling is to “equip the saints (through the Word of God) to do the work of the ministry” i.e. make disciples.

In today’s western church “social missions” have taken precedence over biblical missions. Biblical missions is to take the Gospel to the lost, win them to Christ, organize them into a local church and then teach them all that Christ has taught us (especially focused on the leaders so we don’t have to overstay our welcome). That’s disciple making. And disciple making takes money. We spend millions in the USA to accomplish this and there is much to do. Sadly we do not spend millions in “missions” on disciple making. Most of the money today goes to social missions, that is, building schools, churches and hospitals, feeding the hungry, digging wells, caring for widows and orphans, even building playgrounds. But alas, though these are good things, none of them are the primary thing, the best thing, and that is obeying the Great Commission to “make disciples.”

So I am asking you to pray for me and yes support me in my ministry of “Going and Getting.” HIMIndia and HBM Zambia need your support. I need your support.

So come on. Let’s Go and Get some of this Great Commission ministry in Zambia and India.

You can partner with Jeff Hawkins and over 2000 pastors in Zambia and India making disciples by praying and giving.

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Jeff in Zambia

I have posted new pictures at HIMAfrica on Facebook. Follow me in Zambia. Thank you for Praying as we distribute new training manuals and establish new HUBS.

Zambia Bound

Support Zambia Missions

On Tuesday, May 15 Jeff will be flying to Zambia for two months of intense work with the HBM work in Zambia. There are now over 1400 registered pastors in training. This is not including 9 other districts that have not fully reported the new pastors they would like to start training! Jeff’s mission will be to identify this growth and make preparations to receive all the new pastors into training by this fall.

At present there is a real need for support for this trip. There is $4700 available for Bibles, $1700 available for bicycles and $0 available for the trip itself! SO as you can see your involvement is vitally necessary to the success of this trip.

Would you consider supporting Jeff and the mission in Zambia this summer. Your prayers and your financial support are needed.

You can donate online HERE or send by mail to: Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943. Designate Zambia Mission

Thank you!
2 John 5-8


District Leader James Bwalya

This is an unedited report from our dear brother and partner in the work of training pastors, planting churches and saving souls in the Muchinga Province of Zambia.

You can hear the enthusiasm and the see the battle that our brothers face in the work in Africa. James has just recovered from Malaria. One of his Hub Leaders died of malaria last week. Please remember to pray for these faithful men. Jeff  ________________________________________________________________________


Hope Builders is the Ministry which is highly appreciated in this part of the country. People who have not accepted Jesus Christ, believers who are not part of the ministry and us who are learning from your good books are very much appreciating the work of Hope Builders.

Beside this, the work of Hope Builders is very visible in our area. Pastors are learning every week from the books provided by HBM. The ministry has also empowered the pastors with Bibles, bicycles and motorbikes to the district leaders to make their work easier. These things mentioned above are some of the good things which HBM is doing in our country. May God richly bless you so that you even help others who are in need also.

This quarter, we met with the Hub leaders and write reports. The problem we encountered was that we only managed to write on the quarterly report form which did not have enough space to include new churches and disciples, however, the appended report is the true reflection of what has been done here.

On visitation, I went to Chifwesa and Chipeta Hubs. In these two Hubs there is progress and expansion in both teaching and evangelism respectively. The men who work in these Hubs are hard workers and they enjoy the work which is delegated to them.

The only difficult we are facing is language as some of the pastors who come to learn can only read, write and speak Bemba. The men cannot understand or read the English language. Those few who understand assist their friends to grasp what they are being taught.

In Isoka Hub where Pastor Simon Mulenga is, there is a problem. Some members are no longer with him because people are suspecting him of being a Satanist. So we are praying for him and his members.

Finally, we had a conference on our new church called Kasepa BCZ and we sent two Hope Builders Pastors. The names of the men we sent are; Vincent Mwila from Mucila Hub and Crispin Mfula from Lundu Hub. The faithful men preached and taught the Word of God and 25 youths who attended accepted Christ.

James Bwalya

Muchinga District leader, Zambia

Bibles needed in Zambia


Hub Pastor Boyd Luenoo in Mazabuka District. He presently has three pastors in training and three new churches planted. They need Bibles especially to train the pastors who in turn disciple their churches.

Zambia Mission

May 15 begins a two month mission in Zambia for Jeff.  The mission will include distributing over 2500 new training manuals, conducting a District Leaders conference and starting 5 new HUBs in the Mansa, Kafue and Kabwe areas. Jeff also hopes to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet and work with District Leaders there. Lou Ann will be joining him the last two weeks of the trip with a team from the USA.

Prayer requests:
  1. The training manuals must be transported from South Africa through Zimbabwe and into Zambia. It is a very large distribution requiring a large vehicle and trailer or shipping commercially. Either way is expensive and logistically difficult.
  2. Traveling in the country is expensive – cost of fuel and wear on the vehicle – condition of the roads.
  3. Health: malaria and “fly” born sicknesses are always concerns.
  4. Safety for the 25 pastors as they travel to the conference to be held in Murundu. The conference will cost $3000 and includes food, lodging and travel expenses.
  5. Total estimated cost of the trip is $10,000.
  6. That in all things known and unknown, seen and unforeseen that Jesus Christ will be glorified and the Pastors edified in Zambia.

Bloody Friday – Remembering the Man of Sorrows

Isaiah 53:1-4 God became the “Man of Sorrow” from the moment of His conception to His last breath at His bloody crucifixion. He consciously “bore our griefs and carried our sorrows” all the days of His earthly journey.
God became a man!

God “contracted Himself to a span, and became a Man.” (Charles Wesley)

“Man of Sorrows, What a Name!
For the Son of God Who came!
Ruined Sinners to reclaim!
What a Savior!”