Zambia Bound

On Tuesday, May 15 Jeff will be flying to Zambia for two months of intense work with the HBM work in Zambia. There are now over 1400 registered pastors in training. This is not including 9 other districts that have not fully reported the new pastors they would like to start training! Jeff’s mission will […]

District Leader James Bwalya

This is an unedited report from our dear brother and partner in the work of training pastors, planting churches and saving souls in the Muchinga Province of Zambia. You can hear the enthusiasm and the see the battle that our brothers face in the work in Africa. James has just recovered from Malaria. One of […]

Zambia Mission

May 15 begins a two month mission in Zambia for Jeff.  The mission will include distributing over 2500 new training manuals, conducting a District Leaders conference and starting 5 new HUBs in the Mansa, Kafue and Kabwe areas. Jeff also hopes to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet and work with District Leaders […]

Bloody Friday – Remembering the Man of Sorrows

Isaiah 53:1-4 God became the “Man of Sorrow” from the moment of His conception to His last breath at His bloody crucifixion. He consciously “bore our griefs and carried our sorrows” all the days of His earthly journey. God became a man! God “contracted Himself to a span, and became a Man.” (Charles Wesley) “Man […]