Lou Ann and Jeff in Zambia, Victoria Falls, May 2017.

For 18 years Jeff and Lou Ann served as pastor and wife in several churches in Kentucky. The Indigenous Missions dream began in 2003 when Jeff met Johan Gous with Hope Builders Ministries and became interested in the work of God among national pastors and Christians in Africa. This incredible work of God described by Johan was so fascinating and compelling that he had to see for himself this “harvest” field.

In 2005 Jeff joined an international short-term mission team of believers working in Zambia. It was amazing to be a part of working beside the indigenous church winning thousands to the Lord and helping to plant 25 new churches in ONE week! Jeff personally witnessed hundreds coming to Christ and 7 new churches started. Jeff returned to Africa in 2006 conducting a Bible Conference in Zambia and then join another evangelism and church planting team in Mozambique. Again the response to the Word of God was overwhelming.

The rest is HIS STORY. In 2007 Jeff and Lou Ann partnered with Hope Builders Ministries to help meet the need of training the pastors of the new churches being planted by national ministries like Hope Builders Ministries Zambia.

Pastors Sakala, Matthew and Michael with Jeff

Today Hope Builders Ministry Zambia is a registered ministry in Zambia with its own indigenous board of directors. Jeff represents HBM USA on the HBM Zambia Board. HBMZ is now overseeing Disciple-Making ministry in all 10 Provinces with  50 Regional and District Leaders. Over 5000 pastors have completed the 3 year pastoral training program. About 700 pastors complete the course annually.

Jeff continues to work closely with the Administrator of HBMZ coordinating ministry and overseeing the disbursement of funds. He also works directly with HBM and a growing team to provide Bibles, Bible Training material, Bible conferences and other needs to the rural pastors like bicycles and motorcycles.

Jeff represents this ministry in the USA to churches, individuals and businesses seeking new and continuing partnerships. He is the donors “accountability” partner  and ambassador to HBMZ. He also coordinates web and social media development for HBM and serves on the HBM Board of Directors.

Hope Builders Ministries India

In 2008 Jeff met Pastor Stephan Prasad from Andre Pradesh, India on Skype. This began a mentoring relationship with a young man training over 500 Indian pastors. Jeff shared with him the HUB model used in Africa to disciple and train pastors in the Word of God. Stephen restructured his ministry and implemented the HUB model and began using the 3 year Bible Training Material from HBM.

Jeff with an India Pastor c.2013

In February 2013 Jeff met Stephen face to face and also met Prabhukiran from Hyderabad. Together they forged a partnership and HBM India was born. Today HBM India is working in 2 states of India with over 5000 pastors and evangelists being equipped, encouraged and empowered in disciple making and pastoral training.

Prabhukiran, Swarna and Shiny

Stephen and Glory Prasad c. 2018

Stephen Prasad and Prabhukiran Rambabu are directing the ministry in India.

Jeff and Lou Ann are graduates of Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL and parents of 4 children and grandparents of 10. They reside in Texarkana, TX where they conduct their work with Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943.

E-mail: Jeff@HBMin.org


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