This is an unedited report from our dear brother and partner in the work of training pastors, planting churches and saving souls in the Muchinga Province of Zambia.

You can hear the enthusiasm and the see the battle that our brothers face in the work in Africa. James has just recovered from Malaria. One of his Hub Leaders died of malaria last week. Please remember to pray for these faithful men. Jeff  ________________________________________________________________________


Hope Builders is the Ministry which is highly appreciated in this part of the country. People who have not accepted Jesus Christ, believers who are not part of the ministry and us who are learning from your good books are very much appreciating the work of Hope Builders.

Beside this, the work of Hope Builders is very visible in our area. Pastors are learning every week from the books provided by HBM. The ministry has also empowered the pastors with Bibles, bicycles and motorbikes to the district leaders to make their work easier. These things mentioned above are some of the good things which HBM is doing in our country. May God richly bless you so that you even help others who are in need also.

This quarter, we met with the Hub leaders and write reports. The problem we encountered was that we only managed to write on the quarterly report form which did not have enough space to include new churches and disciples, however, the appended report is the true reflection of what has been done here.

On visitation, I went to Chifwesa and Chipeta Hubs. In these two Hubs there is progress and expansion in both teaching and evangelism respectively. The men who work in these Hubs are hard workers and they enjoy the work which is delegated to them.

The only difficult we are facing is language as some of the pastors who come to learn can only read, write and speak Bemba. The men cannot understand or read the English language. Those few who understand assist their friends to grasp what they are being taught.

In Isoka Hub where Pastor Simon Mulenga is, there is a problem. Some members are no longer with him because people are suspecting him of being a Satanist. So we are praying for him and his members.

Finally, we had a conference on our new church called Kasepa BCZ and we sent two Hope Builders Pastors. The names of the men we sent are; Vincent Mwila from Mucila Hub and Crispin Mfula from Lundu Hub. The faithful men preached and taught the Word of God and 25 youths who attended accepted Christ.

James Bwalya

Muchinga District leader, Zambia

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