May 15 begins a two month mission in Zambia for Jeff.  The mission will include distributing over 2500 new training manuals, conducting a District Leaders conference and starting 5 new HUBs in the Mansa, Kafue and Kabwe areas. Jeff also hopes to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet and work with District Leaders there. Lou Ann will be joining him the last two weeks of the trip with a team from the USA.

Prayer requests:
  1. The training manuals must be transported from South Africa through Zimbabwe and into Zambia. It is a very large distribution requiring a large vehicle and trailer or shipping commercially. Either way is expensive and logistically difficult.
  2. Traveling in the country is expensive – cost of fuel and wear on the vehicle – condition of the roads.
  3. Health: malaria and “fly” born sicknesses are always concerns.
  4. Safety for the 25 pastors as they travel to the conference to be held in Murundu. The conference will cost $3000 and includes food, lodging and travel expenses.
  5. Total estimated cost of the trip is $10,000.
  6. That in all things known and unknown, seen and unforeseen that Jesus Christ will be glorified and the Pastors edified in Zambia.

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